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Yiwu toy exports to Russia show rapid growth
Release time:2018-03-30 Browsing:632 Times

Yiwu Toy Industry Association has members in Taiwan, Guangdong, Chenghai, Yangzhou, Ningbo and other places.

Domestic and international toy well-known brands set up general distribution or general agent in Yiwu toy wholesale market. There is a considerable amount of sales through Yiwu to more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

Yiwu toy wholesale market main categories can be divided into cartoons, electric remote control, assembled puzzle, plush, fabric, electronic flash, flash games, inflatable toys, pet toys, wooden, alloy toys and other major categories.

1. First Floor, Yiwu International Trade City Zone 1 : Plush Toys (C Area) Inflatable Toys (C Area) Electric Toys (C Area D Area) Ordinary Toys (D Area E Area)

2. China Yiwu International Trade City Phase I (A B C D E five districts for the first phase): The first floor is approved for toy boxes, and the fourth floor is for manufacturers to display direct sales areas, which are suitable for large numbers of purchases.

Yiwu Mall International Trade City Phase I: B Zone Plush Toys (601 - 1200), Zone C Plush Toys, Inflatable Toys, Electric Toys (1201-1800) Zone D Electric Toys, General Toys (1801 - 2400), Zone E Ordinary toys (2401 - 3000)

3. Xingzhong district scattered mixed batch. The first section of the West Gate side of the jewelry street to do stuffed toys.

4. Most high-end toys for large toys come from the Guangzhou market or Chenghai toys, and plastic toys Yiwu are cheap. Locally produced toy products in Yiwu include plastic ordinary toys, plush toys and inflatable toys. Yixi Industrial Park has a toy production base.

The Yiwu Russian toy land line is transported to several Russian cities every day.

With the rapid increase in toy exports, in 2017, Zhizheng Logistics Russia’s toy transportation will add vehicles to the mainland to ensure the smooth clearance of toy goods.

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