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Container Multimodal Transport Asia Exhibition Opening in Shanghai Multimodal Transportation Breaks Down the Logistics Industry Difficulties
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Various types of containers

Oriental Network reporter Chen Zhu also reported on April 5: Recently, the first "Container Multimodal Transport Asia Exhibition" jointly organized by the China Container Industry Association and the European Informa Corporation opened in Shanghai. Industry sources said in an interview with reporters that multimodal transport of containers has been widely used by various countries in the world, but at present, multimodal transportation in China still has problems such as unreasonable division of transport modes and poor convergence, hindering the development of China's logistics industry.

In 2013, China achieved a container throughput of 175 million TEUs (standard containers), ranking first in the world for many years. Shanghai Port has become the world's largest container port. It can be said that China has developed into a well-deserved global container shipping center and container. Manufacturing Center. Container multimodal transport has been widely used in the world and will soon become the mainstream of logistics development in China.

According to industry sources, the container manufacturing industry is a traditional manufacturing industry that has shifted from traditional European and American markets to China. China has always been a leader in the container industry. It has grown in more than 10 years. With a ratio of 5 to 6%, China's container production currently accounts for 96% of the world's total production.

Huang Tianhua, assistant to the president of CIMC (000039) and vice president of Container Holding Co., Ltd., stated that the key issue of multimodal transport in China is no longer the problem of lack of transport capacity, but rather the division of labor in various transport modes. Reasonable and poorly connected problems. Railway transportation is the main short board for the development of multimodal transport in China. The incompatibility of the respective development of roads, railways, and shipping is inconsistent. Rules are not uniform, information is not shared, the network is not perfect, policies are not in place, and many other problems are still to be solved.

“We hope to solve the high cost and inefficiency of the domestic logistics industry by using the standardized mode of multimodal transport of containers to help the rapid and healthy development of the national economy.” Huang Tianhua said actively supporting the multimodal transport of ports, airports, roads and railways. Development and promotion of the application of modern information technology in the logistics sector can further enhance the regional agglomeration radiation function, enhance the development level of the logistics industry, and provide support for economic restructuring and industrial upgrading.

The main types of multimodal transport should be containers as an important carrier. As an advanced form of transport organization and management, container transport has been widely adopted at home and abroad. All countries regard the popularization and development of container transport as a sign of the modernization of their domestic cargo transportation. To a certain extent, modern logistics is developed on the basis of container multimodal transport. Intermodal is a large-scale international professional exhibition for international container shipping industry. The exhibition has been successfully held in Europe for 38 years.

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