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The Yiwu Municipal Government's "Yixinou" Special Mission Visited Spain Successfully
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From April 10th to 13th, a delegation of 6 people from Yiwu Municipal Government’s “Yixinou” delegation headed by Shi Wenyi, the deputy mayor of Yiwu, visited Spain. The purpose of the Yiwu delegation's visit was mainly to promote the specific cooperation of “Yixin Europe” and with the main leaders of Spanish government agencies such as the Ministry of Development of Spain, Madrid Municipal Government, Aragon Autonomous Region, and Galicia Autonomous Region. During the talks, they visited the Yishun Europe operator Fangtianmeng, Zaragoza Logistics Station and Inditex Logistics Center, and participated in the signing ceremony of Yiwu Spanish Exchange Foundation and Spain Qingtian Association. The visit was pragmatic and efficient. Achieved a complete success.

In the Aragón Autonomous Region, Yiyi New Europe pragmatic cooperation

On the morning of the 11th, the delegation headed to Zaragoza, capital of the Aragon Autonomous Region, and held discussions with relevant officials of Margaret Gaston, Minister of Economic Affairs of Aragon and Javier Andres, Director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Aragon. Vice Mayor Shi Wenxuan invited the Aragon Autonomous Region government to visit Yiwu as early as possible and pragmatically connected with related cooperation matters. At the same time, he actively considered the establishment of a new stop at Zaragoza, which will be carried out with the government of Aragon Autonomous Region. Further research and cooperation. Minister of Economy Marta Gaston said that the Aragon Autonomous Region attaches great importance to cooperation with Yiwu City. In June this year, she will go to Yiwu to inspect the site and further promote the actual cooperation between the two parties. Subsequently, the delegation visited Zaragoza Logistics Station and reached a preliminary agreement on the cooperation between Yiwu Lugang Group and Zaragoza Logistics Station. In addition, the delegation also examined the Inditex Group's logistics center in Zaragoza and conducted related discussions on possible cooperation.


Discuss with the Minister of Economy of Galicia

In the evening of the same day, the delegation attended a seminar in Madrid with the Minister of Economy of the Galician Autonomous Region, Francisco de Goed. The Minister of Economy, Francisco de Gome, said that the Galician Autonomous Region is currently building inland ports and hopes to carry out practical cooperation with Yixin Europe in terms of logistics. In addition, he hopes to introduce the white wine, seafood and other high-quality products of the Galician Autonomous Region into the Chinese market through the platforms of Yixin Oubangli and the Yiwu market. Deputy Mayor Shi Wenxuan expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Galician Autonomous Region and plans to launch a promotion meeting for local companies on Yiwu and Yixin Europe in the Galicia region in the second half of this year. It is understood that the Galicia Autonomous Region attaches great importance to the cooperation with Yiwu City and Yixin Ouban Lie. The Minister of Economy made a special trip from the Galicia Autonomous Region 600 kilometers away to Madrid to meet with Yiwu delegation.

Delegation Holds Talks with City of Madrid

Held talks with the Madrid city government

On the morning of the 12th, the delegation held talks with the Madrid municipal government, from Madrid City Council deputy director of the institutional relations, the Minister of Urban Promotion and Innovation Horaxio Diaz Barco, Madrid deputy director of domestic and foreign promotion, economic and public Ministers such as Hess Ale Haars, the Asia Chamber of Commerce of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Zhihua Lecture Hall attended the talks. During the talks, Minister Horatio Diaz Barco stated that the bilateral cooperation between Yiwu City and Madrid City will be strengthened and the Madrid City Government will give full support to the organization of the train return organization. In addition, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry showed a strong interest in the Yiwu market and hoped that the companies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry would be able to engage with and cooperate with companies in the Yiwu market. Deputy Mayor Shi Wenxuan answered questions raised by the participants about Yiwu and Yixin Europe, and invited the Mayor of Madrid to visit Yiwu, which actually promoted the understanding and exchanges between the two places.

The delegation attended the special seminar of Yixin Europe of the Ministry of Development of Zhejiang Province and Spain

Attend the meeting between the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the Spanish Ministry of Development Yixin Europe

On the morning of the 12th, the delegation participated in the meeting between Liang Liangming, Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province and Manuel Nino Gonzalez, Director of the Infrastructure Department of the Spanish Ministry of Development. From the Ministry of Development of Spain, the Spanish Railway Administration, Spain's Ineco Group and the Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, Wang Yingqi, Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Foreign Affairs Office Gu Jianxin, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce Xu Gaochun, Hangzhou Customs Deputy Commissioner Tian Deming, etc. People attended the discussion. At the symposium, the two parties conducted in-depth communication on the relevant cooperation issues of Yixin Ouban Lie. The Zhejiang Provincial Government and the Spanish Ministry of Development agreed to jointly establish a coordination mechanism for communication and cooperation of Yixin Ouban Lie. In addition, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on specific issues such as customs customs cooperation, cooperation in railway infrastructure, cooperation in return trip cargo organization, cross-border e-commerce cooperation, and cooperation with freight train partners. The Spanish Ministry of Development stated that it will fully support the development of Evos Alban in Spain. In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation also accompanied the Zhejiang Provincial Government delegation to the Spanish distribution center in Essex Europe to carry out on-the-spot investigations and investigations, inspected the construction of its overseas warehouses, and participated in the local overseas Chinese held at Yixin Europe operator Tianmeng. Symposium of representatives from Shang and Yixin Europe.


Deputy Mayor Shi Wenkai speaks at the signing ceremony


Attend the signing ceremony of the Foundation and Qingtian Association

On the evening of the 12th, the delegation attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation intention between the Spanish Exchange Foundation of Yiwu and the Qingtian Association of Spain. A total of more than 30 representatives from the Spanish delegation from all walks of life participated in the ceremony. At the ceremony, Deputy Mayor Shi Wenxuan said that the construction of the Yiwu Boat Passage and the China-EU Class of “Yiwu-Madrid” railway line have made Yiwu become the meeting point of the Maritime Silk Road and the Silk Road on the road. He emphasized Yiwu’s two historical opportunities. In the past, Qingtian overseas Chinese businessmen seized the first export opportunity period in the Yiwu market. They contributed to Yiwu’s trade development, and Yiwu provided them with strong backing. During the new period of economic globalization, with the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, cooperation with countries along the route has been strengthened. He hopes that the majority of Qingtian overseas Chinese businessmen can seize the new historical opportunity period for the transition of Yiwu market from import and export trade to import trade. Utilize Yixin Ouban Lei to promote development. Ni Haomin, president of the Qingtian Association of Spain, also expressed the hope that through the practical cooperation with the foundation, the development of Yixin Oubaneli will be promoted. At the same time, through their own efforts, Yiwu will be the largest Spanish product and culture exhibition in China. The center, in order to promote trade between China and the West, contributes to the development of Yishen Europe. Chairman Mao Wenjin of the Yiwu Spanish Exchange Foundation stated that the Foundation chose the Qingtian Association to use the superior resources of overseas Chinese delegations, attract outstanding Spanish companies, and promote the development of Yixin Oubaneli under the conditions of promoting Sino-Western trade. At the same time, the cooperation between the Foundation and the Association is also aimed at building a better platform through the integration of resources and jointly promoting the development of bilateral trade and Yixin Europe.

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