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UAE Logistics Lines
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Close union Middle East electricity line predecessor for vibration (jie Middle East line), founded in 2000, is China's first enterprise independent founded in the Middle East line, after 15 years of rapid development, has established a powerful service network in the Middle East, against China's cross-border electricity now, trading partners to provide transportation, customs clearance, delivery, warehousing one-stop logistics solutions, our strong logistics platform for Chinese electricity sellers provide logistics services, in the Middle East, solve the logistics bottleneck, providing customers with professional, standardized and fast service.

Service advantages:
Price advantage: prices are much lower than fast
Products: in addition to individual Middle East region countries, Middle East e-commerce logistics special line can be connected to no brand built-in battery products, supporting battery products
Limitation of reference:
Reference aging: dubai 3-4 days Saudi Arabia 5-7 days
Delivery scope:
Countries in the Middle East: uae, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, etc
Limit of weight size:
Weight limit: 0.5 to 5 kg
Volume algorithm: long * width * height /6000

Warm reminder: the customer before shipment, please read to the Middle East countries of operation requirements and matters needing attention, the expensive department the delivery to our warehouse operation, we will have read and accept all of the following content terms by default

1: the quotation of our Middle East e-commerce special line does not include the fuel surcharge. The monthly fuel surcharge standard is subject to our notice, and the fuel surcharge is 8% in the month of 2015
2: our company refused carriage counterfeit goods suspected of infringement, laser products, intercom, camera (monitoring) products, cameras, wireless router, electronic cigarettes, the Koran, liquid, gas, powder, medicines, health products, electric shock stick, corrosive materials, flammable and explosive articles, arms weapons and attack with shock and other contraband goods, not check in airlines prohibit carrying items
3: our company is in the Middle East electricity lines, offer does not include destination tariffs, such as the recipient to the refusal of payment of duties, the storage charges, change of address fees, fines and other miscellaneous fees, we will automatically change the consignor to pay, and directly included in the statement
4: bulk cargo calculation: long X width X height / 6000, less than 0.5 kg, calculated by 0.5 kg
5: in transit, throw a compensation for the freight or cargo declaration of value of the goods, parcels highest compensation per ticket amount is less than $100, our company does not undertake cargo caused by false declaration of all responsibility
6: in order to ensure the safety of goods, be sure to use of packaging materials, packaging properly according to the nature of the packed commodities, such as cargo due to packing is not damaged, we will not give any compensation
7: all adult toys (also called a sex toys), lingerie, and Saudi Arabia countries from sent to the Middle East, if there are any irregularities, local customs found to cause severe penalty, we will send to a client (agent) charge fines, and directly included in the statement
8: abandon a notice: the goods can be stored in our destination warehouse 3 weeks (free), awaiting the news of your company's processing, such as 3 weeks have not been informed your company's processing, our company will be destroyed on the spot, to the goods do not notice, you must also bear the cost of the destruction charges and related, but for the shipment of freight (China freight) to the destination, you must also pay, offer to the Middle East electricity line quotation shall prevail.
9: to send goods to the Saudi state, local customs requirements: MADE IN CHINA, or the product itself has "MADE IN CHINA" landmark, the two choose one
10: provide 3 waybills or address details and 3 forms of invoice, and the declaration value of the waybill or address details and the invoice value shall be declared in USD (USD)
11. The goods shipped to Saudi Arabia are worth more than USD200.00. The following goods are required to provide SASO or packing list, invoice and certificate of origin. The goods are as follows:
Electronics: computers, laptops, tablets, computer monitors, mobile phone devices, mobile phone accessories.
Auto parts: electric appliances: heater, TV, video recorder, refrigerator etc.
Electrical equipment: electrical switch, transformer, circuit breaker, etc.
12: for the convenience of destination customs clearance and delivery, be sure to provide detailed the recipient's name, address, city, phone number and the recipient details such a the information of ID (ID) number, as the recipient information is incomplete, delay in delivery of goods, our company does not undertake any responsibility

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