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Middle East FBA special line
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Service Introduction

The Middle East FBA special line is the advantage of vnlin for the delivery of souq platform. It is a double clearance and tax inclusive channel. Mefbs is the general cargo channel of the UAE, and mefbsb is the special cargo channel of the UAE.

Service Code

General / mefbs, live / mefbsb

Product Aging

  • 阿拉伯联合酋长国

  • The United Arab Emirates

  • UAE: 4-6 working days

  • Live / pure electricity / special cargo aging: 6-8 working days

Notice Details

Memory pattern:

UAE is charged by weight kg; volume weight and actual weight are larger, volume divided by 6000。

Product restriction:

Weight limit of single piece: UAE weight limit of single piece: 50kg minimum charge of single ticket: 21kg.

Product restriction:

UAE: the longest side is not more than 200cm.

Product restriction:

Can receive general goods, internal electricity, pure electricity and some other special products.

Customs related:


Value added service:

1. UAE free appointment.

2. Overseas warehouse service: warehouse withdrawal, labeling, box change, box inspection, secondary sales and delivery B2C / B2B, etc. (please ask separately if you need it.).

3. Withdrawal: UAE: single ticket with the first weight less than 100kg and the continued weight of 5RMB / kg.

Insurance related:

1. Compensation amount: UAE shall pay 3 times of freight, KSA shall pay 2 times of freight (including returned freight).

2. Note: loss is not compensated.

That is: compensation shall be made for the loss of our company during transportation; no compensation shall be made for the damage during transportation.

3. Purchase insurance products and pay compensation according to insurance regulations.

Tracking query:

Support on the official website of the joint venture http://www.zjwinlinklogistics.com

Opening request:

If you have any questions, please raise them as soon as possible.

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