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Container FCL cargo export freight main flow program
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1. The entrusting unit (consigner) will include the entrustment letter of entrustment together with the customs declaration documents (including tax refund forms, foreign exchange verification forms, commercial invoices, and various types of documents required for customs inspections of different commodities. If the shipping time is tight, the entrustment may also be submitted first. , Then fill in the customs declaration documents) to the freight forwarding agent.

2. After the freight forwarding proxy and related customs declaration documents, the shipping booking order (station receipt, loading order) is sent to the shipping company or the vessel for booking.

3. The shipping company or ship agent will send back the receipts or loading orders to the freight forwarder.

4. The freight forwarders shall handle the pre-recording of computer declarations to the Customs and submit a full set of customs declaration documents for export to the exit customs.

5. After the customs shipments have been stamped and released on the loading list, the cargo loading list and station receipts will be returned to the freight forwarder.

6. The freight forwarder will stamp and release the loading slips and station receipts to the docking room.

7, the shipping company or shipping agent according to the booking of loading and loading of the bottom loading list, pre-shipment list, pre-shipment chart, cargo manifests, etc. to the dock for receipt and shipment purposes.

8, the freight forwarding to the shipping company or the shipping agent to receive container equipment transfer orders to the designated storage yard to obtain empty containers.

9. After the freight forwarder has encased it at the storage location of the entrusted unit (or the entrusted unit delivers the goods to the freight forwarding warehouse), the container goods together with the container packing list and equipment delivery order will be delivered to the terminal.

10. The terminal will send the loading list and container packing list provided by the shipping company or shipping agency to the customs for customs supervision and shipment.

11. After the terminal receives the goods, it is required to set the position according to the pre-arranged chart and the pre-arrangement list, and to make a single-foot ship in the order of shipment.

12. The first officer picks up the goods according to the loading order, and issues the receipt of the site after loading.

13. After the loading of the station station receipts by the dock delivery company or the shipping agency.

14. The terminal draws the actual ship chart according to the actual loading status to the shipping company or the shipping agency.

15. The shipping company or shipping agent will ship the plan, manifest, freight manifest, copy of bill of lading, and a copy of the packing list of the container to the port of delivery.

16. The shipping company or the shipping agency will issue a shipment bill of lading to the forwarding agent on the receipt of the station.

17. The freight forwarder will send the loading bill of lading to the entrusted entity.

18. The shipping company or shipping agent will send the cabin manifest to the customs.

19. The Customs issued a refund certificate and other documents to the freight forwarder according to the loading manifest.

20. Freight forwarders will send tax refund slips and foreign exchange verification orders to the entrusted entity.

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