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Top 10 Russian land operations
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It will be deducted into two types: one is that the goods transferred by other freight units should give him a spread, which is called agreement; and the other is the benefit that the delivery party's driver will get when it comes to delivery.

The first one is more transparent, and the second one is much more. Because of its more subtle management methods, the customer's consignment bill cannot be filled with rebates, resulting in many loopholes.



One way: Some companies directly call the consignor to fill in a receipt and pay the voucher for the rebate only. After the consignor signs his money, the staff will change the amount on the list, and 10 yuan will be changed to 18 yuan. 17 Yuan changed 19 yuan. This mainly occurs in companies that do not use management software or have software but do not have a strict financial management module.


Method 2: Some companies have a certain amount of kickbacks that require supervisors' signatures. Once they come back for two times, the regular delivery person is familiar with the supervisor. Then he gets tricky because the supervisor still has pricing rights. Therefore, there is a meal. Just set the matter, the consignor eats the money from the shipper and in charge of the company's money.


Mode 3: Some companies have multiple rebates that require monthly settlement. Because of the huge customer base, there are often more than half a year’s rebate orders (many of whom are also missing). Here, there is company finances in the name of clear management, all settlement statements are issued, all rebates are settled, and the shippers wait to settle, and those who haven’t come to the end have been in his personal pocket.


The rebate amount of some logistics enterprises has reached one-third of the turnover, that is, the turnover of one million has more than 300,000 rebates. Single-ticket goods and even rebates amounted to more than two times the actual freight, that is, the actual cost of 300 yuan plus a rebate became 900 yuan, and the black pot is back by the logistics company. Therefore, logistics companies have complained that prices have been running at a loss, and manufacturers have complained that logistics costs are too high.

Fuel costs

Oil costs are a big cost in the daily operation of a logistics company. According to a company's statistics, a 5-m6 short shuttle bus pulls three times a day (within a 20KM range), and it takes an average of 3,000 yuan a month to spend. Fuel costs. Is the problem really so much? To 5 meters 6 box car, in fact, 1.1 yuan / km average fuel cost is about the same, counting the waste caused by broken cars, 1.3 yuan / km, enough. How can 3,000 yuan come out? After the company installed five anti-theft oil GPS, it took four drivers directly and the fuel cost fell to less than 2000.


In fact, there are two situations, one is to find small gas stations to increase more, now many companies directly bond the oil card, this situation is not much. The second is to sell oil. A skilled person can use a pipe to discharge a barrel of oil (10 liters) from a tank in one minute and sell it to the oil trader. Now many oil dealers provide on-site pumping services.

Freight price is not uniform

Frequently, companies are complained by customers. Why did he last ship 30, this time the same cargo 25? He will not think that he is cheap, he will think how this charge is so chaotic, decided by the person who received the goods? He said rightly that most of the companies at the moment are really determined by the consignee. They feel that they are in a good mood to close down, their feelings are close to a high point, the consignor’s attitude is better, and they give root cigarettes and they are brothers and brothers. Cheaper. The consignor’s attitude is almost at a high price. Give the company a great negative impact.

Single item does not match


The existing management model is basically when the logistics company receives the goods, either directly by hand-opening a consignment note to the customer, or by giving the customer a hand-written receipt and letting the customer's voucher go to the office to call the computer consignment note. Therefore, there are often cases where there is no stock and no goods are shipped. And when they found out, they had already caused losses. Regular goods had already been eaten by someone in the chain. The monitoring could not find out and was directly classified as lost goods.

Lost goods, less goods

Some companies will count out lost goods as the basis for the end of the year. However, few companies go back and analyze the reasons for missing goods.

1) When the goods are received, there will be less, and when the goods are received, the employees will not be careful, resulting in a difference between the goods actually received and the open list. This can basically be solved by checking back and monitoring.


2) When the goods are not placed at the time of receipt and the wrong car is installed, the monitoring can be checked back and the site supervisor is responsible.


3) When the station arrives at the wrong station, because there is no obvious mark on the goods, the markings often made are not clear due to unloading at night, causing the goods to be unloaded at the wrong station. This type can often be solved through communication and coordination. There are also individual employees who are being swallowed by individual employees at the unloading station.


4) After passing through the multi-level transit, the goods will be inexplicably gone. After many levels of transit of goods often damaged packaging, marking is not clear, and so on, many sites have a lot of goods for six months.

Fleet management


The biggest loophole in fleet management is routine maintenance. Few companies use financial software to measure the daily cost of vehicles, and simply do not know when it was time to change the front left wheel hub. So there is a saying that the captain of the team wants to buy a broken car, and it is bad to repair it every day.

Old and new employees alternately difficult


The mobility of employees in logistics companies is generally very large, and the loading and unloading of goods is bound to come and go. The flow of people receiving goods and billing on the computer will cause a lot of work mistakes, single-shot mistakes, and wrong goods.


From a certain perspective, the biggest cause of this problem is because the company lacks a standardized system. For example, charges.

Check list and consignment note by driver

Many logistics companies are provided with a list of drivers and a consignment note. Normally, there are no problems. However, when competition arises, the risks are very large. There must be no harm to people, and it is not necessary to guard against people. Under normal circumstances, the driver will be given 200 yuan. The driver will copy out the list to you. Up to 500 yuan, the competitor will have your detailed customer information.

Incomplete customer data


After many years of practice, I have seen too many consignees carrying orders from Mr. Hu, Mr. Li, and Mr. Wang. They often hear similar loss of goods caused by this situation. The reason is that the customer's information is incomplete. When billing, only one name is filled. Nothing else is. Because the goods arrive at the unloading point, the unloading point has the means to notify the customer. Customer information is at the unloading point.

Therefore, when there is a loss, there will be a lot of wrangling. The bigger loss is that the company can't change the unloading point because all the customer information is there and it will cause huge losses. In order to develop the company, there are always some unloading points that cannot keep up with the service. It can only be changed. I have seen a customer give a 100,000 break-up fee for an unsatisfactory unloading point, the unloading point has been cooperation for 5 years.

Information system security


Today's logistics companies are basically using logistics information management software, but most companies do not consider security, and only when they are mentioned, they hear the protection of random protection. System security includes two parts, data security and data confidentiality.


1) Data Security: The stand-alone version is the largest group of software users. The host has been thundered, flooded, poisoned, and suddenly bad. Because of the lack of protection mechanisms, it often results in incalculable losses. Therefore, the server must use professional servers, dual hard disk backup, conditional can also add a hosting server to protect.


2) Data confidentiality: Most of the company's software now has no secrets. It has been directly carried away by the tax authorities and has been directly exported by the operator.

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